Zain Internet Packages (July, 2020) Daily, Weekly & Monthly

In this article, you can explore and activate Zain all internet packages. Thus, the below are the latest and up to date Zain latest internet package. However, the choice is yours to get and subscribe to any of the below bundles or offers.

Send Activation or Subscription code to 959

Once you chose a package from the below Zain internet plans. Then you will need to activate or subscribe to the package by sending the activation code or 959. However, the below are Zain offers 50MB, 500MB, 1GB, 2GB, 5GB, 10GB, 25GB, 100GB, 200GB, 600GB and unlimited plans with details.

Zain Internet Packages:

Zain 50 MB Package 50MBs SAR 1 1 Day Send D50 To 959 Send CD50 To 959
Zain 500 MB Package 500 MBs SAR 10 1 WEEK Send D500 To 959 Send CD500 To 959
Zain 1 GB Package 1 GB’s SAR 25 1 MONTH Send D1000 To 959 Send CD1000 To 959
Zain 2 GB Package 2 GB’s SAR 45 1 MONTH Send D2000 To 959 Send CD2000 To 959
Zain 5 GB Package 5 GB’s SAR 65 1 MONTH Send D5000 To 959 Send CD5000 To 959
Zain 10 GB Unlimited Weekend Package 10 GB’s SAR 110 3 MONTHS Send 10GB To 959 Send C10GB To 959
Zain 50 GB 25 GB Package 75 GB’s SAR 199 3 MONTHS Send 50GB To 959 Send C50GB To 959
Zain 200 GB and 100 GB Package 300 GB’s SAR 299 3 MONTHS Send 200GB To 959 Send C200GB To 959
Zain 600 GB Package 600 GB’s SAR 549 6 MONTHS Send 600GB To 959 Send C600GB To 959

Zain Unlimited Internet Package

As of July 2020, there is only an unlimited data package for 1 day on the Zain SA network. The validity is 24 hours and the daily price SAR 11. To activate the daily unlimited package send CDUL to 959, how to cancel it then send DDUL to 959.

Keep in mind that is not a monthly package and only for prepaid users in KSA. The package will renew automatically, so cancel before it gets automatically renewed next. Moreover, here is how to check your remaining data balance on Zain.

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