Check Iqama Generalization Report Online in KSA

Learn here how to check iqama generalization report online in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is a criminal record which is called generalization report in KSA. Now it is so very important to keep checking whether there any criminal record against and you and your iqama number or not. But then the question rise OK, I want to check if there any criminal record against me or not but how? Well, you are in luck and I am going to show it to you below.

A couple of months ago, Government of KSA announced that you can check your generalization online on MOI. MOI (Ministry of Interior) official website allows you to check this report online. So without wasting any time let’s get started:

How to Check Generalization Report Online on MOI

Don’t worry its simple, just follow the below easy steps:

  1. Go to the MOI official website in order to query
  2. Navigate to eServices then MOI Diwan
  3. Now click on Generalization report query
  4. If there is any record against you, you will see it, if not then you will this message ” There is no generalization record against you”.

Make this habit while living the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to keep checking the criminal record. This could happen sometime that you don’t know and there is no-regular record against you. Well, it could be a mistake sometime, but it’s a responsibility to stay safe in Saudi Arabia.  As this is so easy nowadays “the checking procedure” to check the report online. There are other related topics you might love to read on this blog about Iqama and other cool stuff. let’s have a look below.


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