Check Mukhalafa or Traffic Fine with Number Plate

Everyone in the Kingdom is allowed to check their Mukhalafa with a vehicle number plate online on Absher. As we know that the MOI has been redirected to and you must have an account for your desired query.

In this article, I am going to show you how to check the traffic fine (Mukhalafa, grama) in KSA online on the new Absher. We have listed all the traffic fines and its penalties if you wanna take a look at. However, Let get to the procedure first.

How to Check Mukhalafa with Number Plate

As I already mentioned you should have activated the Absher account and your number plate and violation ID to do it. To check the Traffic fine or Mukhalafa:

Visi and there you need to click on the green Absher icon “Individuals”. Once you are on the login screen click the English button at the top and login to your account.

Visit Absher for Mukhalafa check
Visit Absher for Mukhalafa check
Login to your Absher account
Login to your Absher account

Once you have logged in successfully to your Absher account, click the Traffic violations Information icon as shown in the below screenshot. Now a new window should be opened with two tabs at the top.

Click Traffic Violation Information
Click Traffic Violation Information

The two tabs are Not Paid Violations and Paid Violations. You will see the following entries there:

  • The Violation Number.
  • Violation date.
  • Value and Time.
  • At the right, you will More Details green option.
List of available traffic violations and Mukhalafa details
List of available traffic violations and Mukhalafa details

You can click the More Details option next to any violation ID or Number. That is already, for your information there is no such an alternative way of checking your fine via the number in KSA. It is near to impossible. So please don’t waste your time looking for such a procedure.

The above is the clear method where you can check all single details about your traffic fine.

Alternatively, you can get a traffic violation ID via a telephone call. All you need to call 011-292-8888. Then you need to press 2 for English details and again press 1 for the traffic fine details. Keep this in mind you need to provide your valid Iqama ID number as well. The AI intelligence voice machine will give your violation Id.

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