Check UAE Visa Validity Status Online

There are two methods to check visa validity status online in UAE. You can check the visa status online with passport number on MOL & MOI UAE or eDNDRD online, file number, permit number etc. However, it’s totally up to while to follow the 1st method or 2nd method I am going to show you down below. But for expatriates in the United Arab Emirates necessary to keep checking and expiry date of their Visas. It completely illegal to live in UAE having an expired visa.

How to Check UAE Visa Status Online [Method 1]

  1. Go to the official MOI website UAE
  2. Select the Passport Information in Search By field
  3. You can select either Visa or Residency in Select Type field
  4. Enter the Passport number
  5. Enter the expiry date of your passport
  6. Select your Nationality
  7. Check the Captcha
  8. Click on Search
  9. You will see your visa validity details online on the official Ministry of Labor website.

checking visa validity online uaeYou can either follow the method 1 or below method 2 to check the status of your visa online in UAE. Remember both the queries are made on the official website by UAE government. So you don’t need to worry about that, just follow the one and get the result.


How to Check UAE Visa Status Online [Method 2]

  1. Go to the eDNRD website
  2. Enter the Residence File number
  3. Enter only your First Name on English
  4. Select Gender Male or Female
  5. Enter the correct Date of Birth
  6. Select your Nationality
  7. Enter the image code or captcha code correctly
  8. Finally, click on the Submit button
  9. You will see your visa validity details online in a second

checking visa validity online uae 2That’s all, you can follow any of the above methods in order to find your visa expiry date. If you are having troubles in the above two methods, you can comments below or send us a message. See MOL Offer Letter Check Validity and Verification UAE.

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