Checking Iqama Expiry in Saudi Arabia

In this guide, learn the Iqama expiry checking procedure in Saudi Arabia. Also, know about the validity of your Muqeem card (Iqama) ID, and check the expiry date. Now let me tell you that “Iqama” is also known as Muqeem card, it is a resident/work permit in KSA. You can not live without it in Saudi Arabia.

It is proof of your legal appearance in the Kingdom, so you should have it in your pocket 24/7. Now you might be wondering what is Iqama number? It is your ID number and the number is a legal presence of you in KSA. Which necessary and required everywhere. The word “Iqama” is an Arabic word.

Moreover, checking its expiry date is very important. Because there are reasons and some of them are below:

Reasons Why You Need to Check the Iqama Expiry Date:

  • It is everything, and without cannot even get a drink in Saudi Arabia. So it is must to know about it’s an expiry date
  • It is completely illegal to live without an ID card
  • Leaving KSA is impossible without Government permission
  • You can not walk around without it, because the police can arrest you anytime anywhere if your Muqeem card validity is expired
  • No one can open a bank account
  • You cannot check your company nitaqat color status red or green
  • Your existing bank account will be locked until it’s renewal.
  • You can not a get Visa or exit re-entry Visa.

So, I think now you should understand, why checking your iqama expiry date is important. But now the question how? Well, let me show you that below.

Checking Iqama Expiry Date in KSA

  1. Click here to get into MOI (Ministry of Interior) official website.
  2. Put your Iqama number.
  3. Put the CAPTCHA code shown in the image.
  4. Click the “View” button.
  5. The page will reload, and you will see your Iqama is either expired or not.

Checking Iqama Expiry date in KSAJust follow the above steps in order to know about your Muqeem card expiry status. However, ask your kafeel or company if you want to know more about this. Don’t forget to visit nearest Jawazt office to get more information related to your Muqeem cared, it is your right.

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