Facebook Introduces new Feature “Shortcut to Profile”

In the very recent update of the Facebook application for Android. Facebook introduced a new feature called “Short to Profile”. It looks cool and located on the top left to notification menu in the app. The shortcut is fully optimized for what you see the most on the application. Shortcuts are fully personalized for better user experience and quick access in the Facebook application for Android.

Moreover, it’s perfectly located and easy to access within a second. Now you don’t need to go here and there and look for your Facebook profile. Just tap the icon at the top middle and boom. All your profile stuff is located in one single place and easy to access. There is nothing lack of features, all you need is available there. ( You may like: Get notifications on Facebook profile view).

When you hit the shortcut button, you will be able to see the photos option at the top right corner of the app. You can tap to explore all your photos and its feature in one place. That is also one the cool feature in the new shortcut.

Note that this feature is available in the latest Facebook application only. If you are not using the latest app, then you won’t be able to experience this amazing feature. On your Android device, go to Google Play Store and download the latest app available right now.

Facebook Introduces new Feature Shortcut to Profile
Facebook new Feature Shortcut to Profile

I am not an Apple user, so I don’t know if the features are available for iOS devices too. However, you can go ahead and check the latest app from Apple App Store. If you are lucky you will be able to see the “Shortcut to Profile” feature.


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