Know Who Visits Your Facebook Profile and Get Notification

Do you want to see your Facebook profile views and get notifications for it? OK, there is an extension for chrome called Social Profile View Notification. It allows you to analyze who actually viewed your Facebook Profile. It will also send you an instant notification for every visit. The extension works on Google Chrome browser perfectly. But after all, it is a third-party app, not official by Facebook. So trust it or not the choice is yours.

When you install this extension, it actually creates a menu button on your Facebook page. So when somebody sees or view your FB profile, you can click it and know who were they. Now let’s get started with the steps. Read also: How to Send all types of Files Using Facebook Messenger app.

How to See Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile

  1. Open up Google Chrome browser
  2. Go to Chrome web store and search for “Social Profile view notification”
  3. Install the extension offered by fbpv
  4. Now Login to your Facebook account
  5. As you will see a “Visitors” menu added to your Facebook page
  6. Click the “Visitors” menu to see the list of people who viewed your profile.

Social profile view notificationYour Facebook profile visitors listYou will be also able to see the last seen date for every user on the list. You will get instant notifications whenever someone visited your FB profile. This method works on Google Chrome only. Your search for the same extension for Opera and Firefox etc if available.

Source Chrome Web Store fbpv
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