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Facebook features, updates, new version, how-to guide, and much more related stuff is here in our Facebook category.

Take A Break From People On Facebook

Here, I will show how you can take a break from friends or people on Facebook. A couple of days ago Facebook added a new function called "take a break". This simple button adds more privacy to users. enabling this function allows you to see…

How to Block Someone on Facebook

Here, learn how to block someone/friend on Facebook easily. This can happen the most if someone is really trying to disturb you on Facebook. And in the end, you are tired and want to get rid of that person. Well, you are lucky, because…

New Facebook Settings and Privacy Tools

On mobile devices, Facebook Team redesigned the entire look and settings menu. They've made these changes in order to make things easier to find and manage. The settings menu is easy than ever, old fashion was like opening more than 20…
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