Friendi APN Internet Settings

Friendi APN setting is easy to configure manually for accessing the internet. Friendi APN manual setting is easy and simple to configure on all smartphones/devices. There are six simple steps in order to configure and access internet on Friendi network in the KSA. You can follow the below steps on your Android smartphone in order to manually set Access Point Names on Friendi network in Saudi Arabia. Let’s get started:Setup friendi apn android

Friendi APN Internet Settings

Follow the below steps on your Android device.

  1. Go to Settings then tap More Networks
  2. Tap Mobile Networks then tap Access Point Names
  3. In Name field type Friendi
  4. In APN field just type internet
  5. Leave all fields empty, go back and save settings.
  6. Restart your Android device, that’s it.

You are connected now. After following the above steps you will successfully configure your Access point name settings for the friendi network in the KSA.


Fix: Why Your Friendi Internet is Not Working

  • Check your smartphone is getting proper signals
  • Sometimes restarting Android device can also fix some issue like signals etc
  • After setting up APN check that you have enough internet data package available
  • Reset the phone settings
  • Talk to customer care support of Friendi, and him/her how to fix the issue while setting up APN
  • The most important, check coverage area
 The above is a quick tour through Friendi APN internet settings and common issues, how to fix them. After setting up, you are having a problem while connecting your data sim to the internet. comment below. You can also call Friendi customer care support for more information.
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