Friendi Services and Useful USSD Codes KSA

In Saudi Arabia, Friendi is one the best telecom services provider. Friendi is best because of its better connectivity anywhere in KSA and its best internet plans. In this guide, I will show all Friends mobile internet, SMS, calls, balance check, balance notifications, credit transfer codes. I will also show you call me back code, finding your friendi number, recharge code etc.  So let’s get started:

*100# Code for Main Services and Options Menu:

You can dial *100# for friendi main service and useful services and other options menu. Such as: Checking your main mobile balance, changing message language, credit transfer PIN change and more.

Friendi Mobile Recharge Code:

You can recharge your Friendi line by dialing *101*Hidden Voucher Code#. This way you can easily / quickly recharge your balance within seconds.

Friendi Balance Check Code:

To get the notification about your current balance on Friendi network dial *102#. You can also get notification of your current balance by dialing the code.

Friendi to Friendi Credit Transfer Code:

If you have enough credit balance on your line, you can share it with friends and family members. For credit transfer dial USSD code *103# and follow the on-screen instructions. The balance cannot be shared with other networks.

Friendi Call Me Back Service Code:

Whenever you are low on mobile balance dial *104# and follow the instructions. The person will get a text message containing call me back. If he/she wants then, they can call you after getting your message.

Value Added Service Menu and Internet Credit Transfer Code:

Now its easy to check out all the available services and select the better one you like by dialing *111#.  You can use this code for international credit transfer and other content services.

Friendi Mobile Number Find Code:

This can happen some time that you may forget your phone number. To quickly display it dial *100*0#. Your mobile number will be displayed in a second.

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