How to Fix IDM Extension Not Showing Google Chrome Manually

In this guide, learn how to add idm extension to google chrome manually. Also, how to fix idm extension not showing on youtube and google chrome browser in windows 10. In the latest Google Chrome and this was an issue with almost every chrome browser user, that their internet download manager bar is not showing on the top of the video on youtube and some other sites as well. I would say its not a bug but incompatibility of the browser and extension or internet download manager (IDM).

However, developers of IDM fixed this issue in the update which version 6.32. They also fixed some other issues of the application with Windows 10 (added compatibility with Windows 10), Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge new, all Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome versions. Anyhow, let me tell how you can manually fix this issue in your browser.


How to add IDM extension to Google Chrome Manually:

Follow the below step by step guide in order to fix the issue with IDM bar not showing on YouTube and ext to GC manually. Below steps will cover all your issues don’t worry just follow me:

  1. First of all, uninstall internet download manager
  2. Go to this link and download the latest version of internet download manager
  3. Install it as usual while Google Chrome browser is opened
  4. You will definitely see a pop-up on your browser to add the extension, just add it and close the browser
  5. Now restart your computer/PC and that should fix the problem.

The above five steps should add idm extension to chrome automatically. But if you still do not it in your browser as it happens (because of any reason) most cases then follow the below steps. So you can add integration module manually or internet download manager (IDM) integration module to your browser.

  1. Go to Chrome Web Store for the module following this link
  2. Click on Add to Chrome button
  3. On the pop-up windows “Add IDM integration module”?”, click Add extension button
  4. It will take up to three seconds and a new windows will be opened saying that “Internet Download Manager (IDM) extension for Google Chrome has been installed
  5. Restart your PC now and that is it.


How to Fix IDM Extension Not Showing Google Chrome Manually


I can 100  % assure that the following the above procedure will fix all issue to the application and its extensions. If still there is an issue, comment below and I will try my best to help you.


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