How to Send Files Using Facebook Messenger app

Learn how you can send files using Facebook Messenger application on your smartphone. So, by default Facebook Messenger don’t allow its users to send pdf or any other files to another contact. Most people use Facebook for PC or MAC to transfer their important files to their clients, friends, family members, etc. But I will show a trick for how to share files via Messenger application on your smart device no matter if it is Android or iOS.

As far as I know, Facebook only allows you to share audio, video, and images via the Messenger app. But you can also send PDF files as well.

How to Send Files on Facebook Messenger

The first thing I wanna tell you that I will show demonstrate the complete procedure of sharing documents. But there is one thing you need to take care of, The document will be renamed automatically as you send it. If you still agree then follow the below steps.

  1. Create a text document in your smartphone and rename it as you like
  2. Open up Facebook Messenger application
  3. Now go to the File Manager where the file (pdf, image, audio, rar, any type) is located on your smartphone
  4. Select the text document and then select the (pdf, image, audio, rar, any type) file as well (multi-select both these files)
  5. Now tap the share option (different on Android devices)
  6. Select the Messenger app to share
  7. Select the contact and send the files (refer to the image below)
  8. That’s it

Share files via Messenger Application on smartphoneShare files via Messenger Application on smartphoneNow the most the important thing is the pdf or other document names will be renamed as the text document. But the format will remain the same, and the other party can download and rename it as they like. This method is perfect working for me 100%. You can try it on iOS, iPhone, iPad, and other iDevices. However, I tried this method on my Android phone and it’s working perfectly.

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