How to Turn ON/OFF Active Now on Messenger

How to Turn Off/On Active Now on Facebook Messenger: You can choose whether to show/hide your Facebook Messenger chat as online or offline, recently active status to friends. This way you can still chat with friends whos important to you while the status will appear as offline for others. Remember there are other places where you need to be offline or turn off the online status.

Until that people will still see you as active. You can turn on / off / hide the status anytime you want by following the below steps in your Android device.

Turn Your Active Status On or Off on Facebook Messenger:

  1. Open up Messenger application on your smartphone
  2. Tap your profile icon at the top left corner of the application
  3. Scroll down a little until and tap when you see “Active Status” with a green icon
  4. As you can see “Show when you’re active” button
  5. You can choose whether to let it on or turn it off, the choice is yours.


2 tap Active Status

Turn Active Status On or Off

Turn Active Status Off in Messenger


Note: the above screenshot taken in Android device. Feel free to ask any question related to the above content.

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