How to Update Personal Bio Data on Mumaris Plus

In this guide, learn how to update personal information on SCHFS official website Mumaris Plus. For your information, SCHFS has been upgraded to whole a new level Mumarisl Plus. Well, that is a good step by Saudi Governments, thanks to Government of KSA. Moreover, you are reading it’s mean that you have already created your account on Mumaris Plus.

Mumaris Plus is one of the best services provider and a portal for practitioners, who are already working in KSA or want to work in KSA. Anyhow, let’s get to our topic, that how you can easily update your personal information on SCHFS Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (Mumaris-Plus website).

How to Update Personal Information [Biodata] on Mumaris Plus Account:

  1. Go ahead and log in to your account by putting your username and password.
  2. At the left side on Mumaris’s dashboard, click on “My Services” option.
  3. Select “addition services” there
  4. Click “apply now” option
  5. Now you should be looking at addition services
  6. Just Edit or update your personal biodata e.g Iqama ID number, passport number, names, etc, then click on “Next” option
  7. Select “service request details”, then select “application reason” as to update the bio details there.
  8. Enter your name, both in Arabic and English, and other data you need to update.
  9. Attached the required docs e.g Iqama, passport, etc, click “Next” and verify everything.
  10. Now you will get a message like “Addition services has been updated successfully”, note the application number if you want to.

That’s pretty it, remember that the change you have just made will be reflected in two or three days. So be patient with that and wait for it to be updated completely after review SCFHS. Guess what, all these changes are free of cost and there is nothing to worry, you can repeat the same above steps in order to make changes in the biodata in the future.

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