Iqama Color Yellow is No More in Nitaqat System

Ministry of Labor (MOL) recently announced that the Yellow category is no more from 27th January 2020. We have posted a complete article on how to check iqama color red green or yellow. Also, what are these colors stands for?

Ministry of Labor and Social Development announced that red category is replacing the yellow Nitaqat category from Jan 27th, 2020. All the companies, Mosasa, institutes are in the yellow Nitaqat category will be converted to the red category.

For your information, Nitaqat is system called Saudization as well. It divided into four different categories including, yellow, red, green, and platinum. However, the MOL in now replacing the Yellow on with the Red category.

The red Nitaqat category is a signal of a bad reputation of a company in the eyes of the government. Which very fewer benefits almost equal to nothing will be provided to the company.

Also the more iqama fees the company or institutes are about to pay. However, this may cause many crises including labor deportation to their home countries, companies shut down and more.

However, the MOL is taking this decision to encourage all the companies in the red category or yellow to the green category. However, on the other hand, most companies will pay attention and move to a green one if they don’t wanna close the company.

Moreover, it is for the good of expatriates and a better future of them as well if you think so. Let say you are working in a company which is a yellow Nitaqat category, and they have decided to more to Green one. Thus it is good for the company and its labor. The more green color the fewer iqama fees and the more benefits from the government to for that company.

Anyhow, the Saudi government is taking steps towards the better future of the labor and their citizens, this decision aim to increase the number of Suadi people in companies and providing better services to its labor and much more.

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