Mobily Internet Packages with Price Activation

Enjoy high internet speed on mobily network in Saudi Arabia. Mobily data bundles/internet packages provide best offers to their customers. Connect via a router, smartphone or any other device to get high data speed on mobily.  Currently, there are 11 internet data bundles available, choose the best one for you.  You might be thinking about what are the prices, subscriptions, and validity. Don’t worry today I will show all packages with the activation code, price, and validity. So let’s get started:

Mobily Internet Packages:

Mobily Internet Packages
Internet Price Activation code Validity Renewal Code Deactivation Code
150MB SAR 5 750 to 1100 2 Weeks 11750 to 1100 00750 to 1100
500MB SAR 20 6090 to 1100 1 Month 6091 to 1100 6092 to 1100
1GB SAR 30 6100 to 1100 1 Month 6101 to 1100 6102 to 1100
2GB SAR 50 7200 to 1100 1 Month 7201 to 1100 7202 to 1100
5GB SAR 75 7300 to 1100 1 Month 7301 to 1100 7302 to 1100
10GB SAR 165 6070 to 1100 3 Months 6071 to 1100 6072 to 1100
20GB SAR 135 6300 to 1100 1 Month 6301 to 1100 6302 to 1100
100GB SAR 160 7080 to 1100 1 Month 7081 to 1100 7082 to 1100
100GB SAR 285 8080 to 1100 3 Months 8081 to 1100 8082 to 1100
300GB SAR 450 300 to 1100 3 Months NA NA
600GB SAR 900 606 to 1100 6 Months NA NA


All the above bundles can also be activated via Mobily outlets or calling customer care number 1100.  Simply choose the desired pack as per your internet needs. Send the available activation code to Mobily. The bundle will be activated as per its validity for both prepaid and postpaid customers. If you ever want to renew a bundle then send the code in order to renew the existing bundle.

Moreover, the above plans will be automatically renewed. If you change your mind then send the deactivation or unsubscription code to 1100. One the of the best thing in Mobily network is you can subscribe to as many bundles you need.

All customers with prepaid voice and data subscriptions may keep in mind that the above price does include VAT 5% TAx. However, postpaid customer needs to pay VAT TAx 5% while billing. You can always check your remaining balance and data on Mobily on the go.


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