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In this category, you will find news and information updates in Saudi Arabia. Better for expatriates as well as Saudi people and read and know.

Saudi is Prepared to Fight Coronavirus

In the last week, Saudi Arabia confirmed a positive case of Coronavirus. Now they are working hard to be prepaid to fight the virus. For your information, more than 1400 rooms are ready for infected people. But the number is equal to…

New Fuel Prices in Saudi Arabia

The giant Saudi Aramco has recently updated the fuel prices in Saudi Arabia. I gonna show you the new petrol, gasoline prices will constantly update each month in 2020. Yesterday on February 16th Saudi Aramco updated the price list for…

KSA To End Sponsorship System Soon

Saudi Arabia is about to eliminate the sponsorship or Kafeel system in KSA soon. The Kafala also knows the sponsorship system is gonna end soon in KSA. It has been published in the Saudi Gazette and Al Arabia News websites and sourced the…
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