STC QuickNet Data Packages Prepaid and Postpaid

STC gives you amazing QuickNet Packages with internet data. STC is one of the most leading Telecom providers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Definitely, you are reading this post because you have a QuickNet device. And I am sure you are looking for the best internet packages for your QuickNet device. Today I am going to show you guys the best internet plans with activation and other details for QuickNet devices.

There are two types of plans available currently for prepaid and postpaid sim cards. First, we will explore all the plans for prepaid users and then postpaid users. So without wasting your precious time, let get started.

Table of contents:

STC QuickNet Prepaid Packages

There are five different packages available for your STC 4G sim and QuickNet device. Let’s see the details: 10GB for SR 115 for one month, to activate or renew send 2721 to 900. 50GB for SR 253 for two months, to activate or renew send 2723 to 900. 100GB for SR 402 for three months, to activate or renew send 2721 to 900. 300GB for SR 470 for three months, to activate/renew send 2728 to 900. UNLIMITED INTERNET for SR 391 for one month, to activate/renew send 2726 to 900.

STC QuickNet Postpaid Packages

There are four different postpaid internet packages available for your STC 4G sim and QuickNet device in KSA. Let’s see the details: 10GB for SR 126 monthly. 100GB for SR 207 monthly. 150GB for SR 310 monthly. UNLIMITED internet for SR 350 monthly.

Terms and Conditions

Keep in mind that all the above prices do not include VAT 15%. As per STC, the 15% VAT Tax has already been collected when you are were purchasing the package. All QuickNet recharge is available at STC customer care shops franchises near you and in other shops.

You can also use the online web portal to get or activate any of the above plans as per your need. So whenever you need any of the pack, just the reseller or activate the plan if you required balance in the sim card.

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