How to take a break from people on Facebook

A couple of days ago Facebook added a new function called “take a break”. This simple button adds more privacy to users. enabling this function allows you to see less from someone on Facebook. Using this feature, you can limit people able to see your photos, videos, status update and posts you shared. Meaning, simply it is an additional privacy tool implemented on Facebook. Another similar but not same tool available on Facebook is known as “Edit who can see past posts”. You can also give it a try. Both these tools can make your account completely private if you want to.

How to Take a Break from Someone in Facebook

There is not any button added yet, you can use the official Facebook take a break from anyone link. After adding them take a break list, you will see less from them. For example, their post, they are tagged, photos, videos, status update, will not appear on your news feed. But whenever you want them back on your News Feed, follow them.

Facebook take a break

What does it do?

it is actually adding the person you do want to see to a restricted list on Facebook. So on your News Feed, there won’t a disturbance from them. Remember this is wont be permanent, but it depends for how long you are limiting them to not appear on your timeline. If you want to, remove them from the restricted list and follow them back.


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