How to View Facebook/Messenger Archived Conversations

Learn how to view archived Facebook and Messenger messages/conversations. Facebook and Messenger allow users to archive the conversation. When you archive a conversation on Facebook and Messenger, it will hide that conversation from the main chat list. You can then view your archived conversation on Facebook and Messenger in a different folder called “Archived Threads”.

The archived folder is a different folder, and that folder is away from the main list of your Messenger conversations. The best feature of this folder is, you can ignore those friends (anyone) without deleting their text record with you. Later on, if there is a need to you can view archived messages on Facebook messenger on Android app and FB web.

How to View Archived Messages on Facebook Messenger

  1. Go to Facebook
  2. Click Messenger at the left sidebar
  3. Click the Gear/Settings icon at the top left
  4. Select “Archived Threads” from the list
  5. Have a look at your archived messages

find archived threads on FacebookHow to View Archived Messages on Messenger

To be honest there is not any clear option where you can find or view the archived message on Messenger. But there is one thing, to remember the person name. Then you can follow the below steps to view that conversation.

  1. Open Messenger on Android
  2. Tap in the search bar
  3. Write the person name (you’ve archived his/her conversation)
  4. When the name appears, tap it to view the messages

Archiving a conversation is nothing but separating that conversation from the mail list of conversations. When you do that, then these features are available for that chat. You can Mute, Delete, Mark as Spam, Report Spam or Abuse, Ignore Messages, and Block Messages.

archived folder features

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