Zain Let You Access Government Websites/Apps For Free

Now in Saudi Arabia, you can access all governmental website and mobile apps for free. There will no consumption of your mobile and internet data if you accessing Government website and apps using Zain. Now enjoy Absher, MCI, MOI, MOH, GDCD, PSD, Qiyas, and CA website and their apps without consuming your Zain data and mobile balance.

This step has been taken by Zain and Ministry of Communication and Information Technology. Well, Thanks to both of them for providing such an amazing facility for free in Saudi Arabia. Before it was a headache that you immediately wanted to check your Iqama expiry or validity, but lack of internet data was a trouble but now it is not. Because you can now access MOI (Ministry of Interior) website for free by if you are on Zain network. There is no need for balance and data.


List of free apps and websites you can access are:

Using Zain access or explore the following sites and apps for free without consuming internet data:

  • Citizen Account (CA)
  • Qiyas website and the app
  • PSD (Public of Security Department)
  • GDCP (General Director of Civil Defence)
  • MOH (Ministry of Health)
  • SRCA (Saudi Red Crescent Authority)
  • MOI Absher (Ministry of Interior) website and the app


Don’t worry browsing all the above sites will not cost you any single Riyal or a KB of data. If there are issues while browsing and surfing the above sites using Zain. Then go ahead and call 959 for more details and information. You can also submit your complaint by dialing the 959.

The best way to communicate with Zain is following them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YoutTube etc. You can also let know above how helpful this is. Keep in mind that all Zain customers are allowed to access all the above sites and apps by the Government of Saudi Arabia.


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