Zain Internet Packages Code Daily, Weekly, Monthly 2020

All Zain internet packages with activation code, price and validity details are here. In this guide, I will show you all prepaid data plans recently introduced by Zain in 2020. There are daily, weekly monthly bundles available to activate and enjoy the fastest 4G speed.

I will show the activation codes for Zain 50MB, 500MB, 1GB, 2GB, and 5G packs. Also for 10Gb, 20GB, 50GB, 100GB, 150GB, 300GB and unlimited pack.

Table of contents:

Zain Daily Internet Packages Code

Zain provides just one single pack for daily data usage to its prepaid users. The detail of the daily 50 MB internet plan is below:

PlanValidityPackage CodePrice
50 MB1 dayD50 to 9591.5 SAR

You can easily get the daily 50 MB package using the above activation code. The price SAR 1.5 is included in the VAT 5%. You can call 959 for more information.

Zain Weekly Internet Packages Code

Currently, there is one single internet bundle available on Zain prepaid line. The details are given below:

PlanValidityPackage CodePrice
500 MB1 weekD500 to 95912 SAR

To activate the 500 MB for weekly usage, send the D500 to 959. Wait for a couple of seconds and shortly you will receive a confirmation message. For more info in regards to 500 MB weekly plan dial 959.

Zain Monthly Internet Packages Code

Zain provides multiple internet packages for prepaid users monthly. You can activate either 1 month, 2 months, 3 months pack. There are 11 data bundles available right now, the details of these bundles are below:

PlanValidityPackage CodePrice
1GB1 Month1 to 959SAR 30
2GB1 Month2 to 959SAR 50
5GB1 Month5 to 959SAR 75
10GB1 Month10M to 959SAR 95
10GB+20GB Free*3 Months10 to 959SAR 165
20GB3 Months20 to 959SAR 220
50GB3 Months50G to 959SAR 265
100GB3 Months100G to 959SAR 320
150GB3 Months150 to 959SAR 360
300GB3 Months300 to 959SAR 430
Unlimited**1 MonthULT to 959SAR 325

So now that you know about all the prepaid data plans with activate code, price, and validity. Activate the one that fulfills your data needs. However, all the daily, weekly and monthly plans’ prices are included VAT 5% Tax.

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