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Zain 110 Package and Shabab 249 Nitro Plan

The Zain package 110, is the most affordable and best plan ever introduced by Zain in 2019. There are unlimited benefits included in the package. You might be thing why this pack is known as 110, it is because of its price, and name.…

Zain Shabab Prepaid Packages 249 140 59 29

This time Zain provides the all in one Shabab prepaid package. Now enjoy unlimited internet, social media applications, free minutes, SMS, and more. Zain is one of the leading telecom companies in Saudi Arabia. Because of its great services…

Zain Double Data Offer and Packages in KSA

In Saudi Arabia, Zain now gives you the opportunity to double your internet data. But the question is how? Don't worry I am here to tell you that. Now you can get a new SIM card or recharge and renew the existing internet bundle in order to…

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