Zong 4G Device Packages New Updated Plans

Zong 4G device packages are the best among all networks in Pakistan. These plans are pretty affordable in price and give you enough internet data. These packs come with Zong Bolt+ and other devices. The plans are known as Zong MBB plans and for internet sim cards, portable wifi only. You can activate monthly, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, get add-ons, and good night MBB plan. Before activating any pack let see the details for these plans and see what is the best one.

Zong Monthly Device Packages (MBB Plans)

  1. For 1 month you can get 36GB for Rs. 1500.
  2. For 1 month you can get 75GB (with free night offer 100GB from 1 AM to 9 AM) for just Rs. 2500.
  3. For 1 month only you can avail 100GB for Rs. 3,720 only.
  4. For 1 month get 150GB for just Rs. 5,951.
  5. For 1 month get 200GB for just Rs. 7,439.

Zong 3 Months MBB Plan

Currently, in Zong, there is only one pack. You can get 36GB each month for three months for just Rs. 4000.

Zong 6 Months MBB Plan

You can get 75GB each month for six months for just Rs. 10,000. This is the only pack available in Zong Telecommunication for now.

Zong 12 Months MBB Plan

You can get 75GB each month for twelve months for just Rs. 18,000. You will also get an extra sim card with free 300 minutes and 10GB data each month for 12 months. This is called a one-plus-one offer.

How to Get MBB Add-ons?

Whenever you are running out of the available internet data. You can have more with the Zong MBB Add-ons plan. You can get an extra 5GB each (as per your desire package) for Rs. 334 only. You can activate this via the MyZong app.

How to Activate Zong MBB Plans?

Don’t worry its very simple, just download the MyZong app from Google Play Store or iOS App Store to activate any of the above plans. Alternatively, you can activate via E care, Online Shop, *310#, *6767#, Retailer, nearest franchise, and MBB web portable.

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